Stop harshing my squee with your ignorant fathating, world

So not only are we getting Muppet-themed OPI, we are also being blessed with Miss Piggy fronting for MAC.  That pained sound you here is my disposable income wasting away to nothingness.

Downside?  In reporting that, Stuff (or whatever real newspaper they nicked the story from) chose to quote some utter berk:

… should we see Miss Piggy as the attractive creature she is convinced she is? Or should we see her as a pig that has a misguided fantasy that she is attractive?” Curtin University Professor of Cultural Studies Jon Stratton said.

She is laughed at for her fantasy and her inability to see what she really is – a pig - while people sympathise with her as a passionate creature whose desire and love [for Kermit the Frog] is not reciprocated, and they empathise as she is a creature trying to make the most of her charms.”

… who one can only assume has never seen The Muppets in his life.  I mean, in the first place, there’s the tiny matter of her love interest’s “inability” to see what he really is – a frog – or their social circle’s “inability” to see what they really are – oh right, they’re ALL ANTHROPOMORPHIC PUPPETS. When Jon Stratton misses the point, he likes to miss the point as far as humanly possible.

Then there’s the whole fact that if you watched The Muppets for any appreciable amount of time, and your take-home from it was “Lol, the stupid fat pig doesn’t realise she’s a fat pig”, that probably says a hell of a lot more about your [highly supported by mainstream society’s constant implications that fat people are oblivious to their fatness] issues than about The Muppets.

Bottom line:  you mess with Mademoiselle Piggy, you mess with me.  And I have a blog where I will write nasty things about you.  So just think about that, k?

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About Stephanie Rodgers

Stephanie is an ex-Aucklander, comms nerd, sci fi nerd, Beowulf nerd, and general garden-variety nerd. She’s a unionist, a member of the Labour Party, spends way too much time on Twitter and lives in Wellington with her partner and two guinea pigs. Her hobbies include listening to loud angry music and starting blogs on politics, fatshion, and old episodes of Star Trek.
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4 Responses to Stop harshing my squee with your ignorant fathating, world

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  2. One thing bothers me about the whole Miss Piggy as a fashion icon (and I do love Miss Piggy, oh how I love her), is that designers clamour to create clothes, accessories and make-up for her, but ask them to design something for fat women, and they say it’s too hard or it’s “promoting obesity”. WTF is up with that?

  3. Whirlwitch says:

    Since when is her desire and love for Kermit not reciprocated? I second that this guy has never actually watched any Muppets. But admitting that Kermit loves Piggy wouldn’t shore up this dude’s hating now, would it?

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